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Birth Control & Sterilization

There are many different options for birth control, and our providers will work with you to determine the option that is best for you. By knowing the full spectrum of basic birth control options and having a lengthy discussion about your preferences and medical history, we can advise you as to which choice might work best for you and at what dose.

Our providers have tremendous experience with some options you may not have considered – the IUD, vaginal ring, hormonal implant, and more. We can advise you both medically and personally to find the method that is right for you. We will keep trying until you are satisfied with your solution.

Permanent sterilization can be done in our office with a simple procedure.


Call us at (423) 492-8700 to schedule an appointment with one of our providers today!

Safe birth control procedures and female sterilization are done right in our office. No anesthesia is used, there is little or no pain, and it is a much less expensive approach. Another benefit of this approach is a much faster recovery time.

Permanent tubal sterilization doesn’t involve drugs or hormones and doesn’t interfere with your natural menstrual cycle or uterus. In-office sterilization has a 98% or better success rate, which is more certainty than with a vasectomy.

Your doctor will use a tiny scope that will pass painlessly through the vagina, cervix, and uterus. Tiny barrier inserts – which are smaller than a grain of rice – are placed at the entrance to your fallopian tubes to block the egg’s passageway.

Our doctors have great expertise with in-office sterilization. We primarily use the Essure® permanent birth control system, in which the barrier consists of two nickel coils. We will discuss these options with you to determine which best suits your individual needs.

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