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Adolescent Gynecology Care

Our providers evaluate, treat, and counsel girls and young women from pre-puberty through their late teen years for any genital or developmental issues or problems. Besides offering routine gynecological checkups, when providers offer adolescent gynecology services they treat:

  • Breast lumps

  • Delayed or early first period

  • Pelvic pain

  • Heavy bleeding

  • Vaginal discharge

  • Uneven breast growth

  • Pelvic and vaginal infections

A guardian must be present when providers are providing care for patients younger than 18 unless the patient is pregnant or needs contraception.

What To Expect During The Visit

Your child might be nervous about his or her appointment with the gynecologist. Our providers are trained to work with young girls and teens, so we will establish a relationship built on open communication from the first visit, making sure we explain how the appointment will go. Any sensitive questions are asked in a gentle, caring way. If your daughter is scared, you should share your own experience with your daughter to assure her that the routine check-ups, along with speaking up about her issues, are an important part of taking care of herself and her health.

It is at the discretion of you and your daughter as to whether you will stay in the examination room. Our providers understand the importance of your daughter’s privacy. If your daughter prefers to ask questions or share concerns with our providers about issues that she might not be comfortable about telling you or discussing with you, our providers will respect her request and ask you to leave the exam room.

The examination will concentrate on the abdomen, pelvis, and outer genital area. We understand your daughter may be anxious about this experience. Our providers will be respectful and gentle throughout the entire exam process. The provider will take the time to discuss your daughter’s treatment with you after the exam is complete. You will be able to ask questions – and, also encouraged to do so – so you can make the best decision for your daughter.

Birth Control

There are many different approaches to birth control. Our providers will work with your daughter to determine which method is right for her. Knowing the full spectrum of basic birth control options, having a lengthy discussion with her, understanding her preferences, and going over her medical history, we can advise which choice might work best for your daughter and at what dosage amount.

We have a variety of options available that you and your daughter might not have considered – hormone implant, the IUD, vaginal ring, and more. We can advise your daughter – both personally and medically – to find the method that is best for her needs. We will keep trying until she is satisfied with the option she chooses.

Menstrual Irregularity

As your daughter is adjusting to changes in her body, she might experience irregular periods. Sometimes irregular periods are caused by something more serious happening. The symptoms of this condition might include periods too heavy or too frequent, or periods that are painful or unpredictable. Some causes of menstrual irregularity include:

  • Obesity

  • Excessive Exercise

  • Hormone Imbalance

  • Medications

  • Very Low Body Weight

Your child’s provider might prescribe hormone pills or other medications to address this issue. He or she might also suggest lifestyle changes or refer you to another specialist for more help.

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